Community Links

The world beyond school

Our school is not just contained in a building but extends well beyond the school gates into the heart of the community, its families, businesses, groups and organisations.

The education we provide is not confined to the classroom but aims to engage students in the world beyond school and encourage them to take their place in the community and workplaces as contributing citizens. Links to the community are valued.

We greatly appreciate the part that the community plays in the education of our students.

tuam town
convent of mercy

St. Brigid’s School dates back to the coming of the sisters of Mercy to Tuam in 1846 at the time of Great Famine.

Since 1860’s The Mercy in Tuam has provided education for girls, for many years as a boarding school that welcomed students from all over Ireland and in more recent years, as a day school for the girls of Tuam and surrounding parishes.

Over the years it has grown and developed into a vibrant school catering for the many and changing needs of students, providing a modern, holistic education underpinned by an ethos of care and respect with standards of excellence.

The school, through the provision of a solid, quality education, seeks to serve the people of Tuam and its hinterland and is proud of its strong tradition of forging lasting and sustaining links with the community it is at the heart of.

The school is happy to share its facilities with community groups and organisations in the community, be they sporting, educational or creative. Likewise, the school enjoys the support of the community through the provision of work experience opportunities for students, business initiatives, competitions, sponsorship, mentoring, talks and workshops and much more. The school is supported by the parishes of Tuam and its surrounds and by the feeder primary schools with whom links are strong and deep.  Many of our school programmes depend on community involvement to be meaningful and authentic. These include Transition Year, CSPE, Leaving Cert Vocational Programme, Leaving Cert Applied, RE, SPHE, PE, Music, Business and many more.