The Mercy Hall is opened and supervised Monday through to Thursday  evening free of charge until 4.45pm for all students. This is for students who are catching a late bus or are being collected late in the evening by parents. Students are expected to start their homework during this time and work quietly.

There is supervised evening-study from Monday to Friday. It is available to all students. The cost of study is lower than normally expected as the schools believes in making study easily accessible and inexpensive for students to get the best possible students

Monday-Thursday 4:15-6:45pm (10 minute aeration break at 5:25pm)

Friday 1:45pm-4:15pm (10 minute aeration break at 2:55pm)

Cost of Study: €200 for Term 1 from September 7th through Dec 21st

There is an online Application form for students to enter, Attendance is marked on the School Compass App and students are expected to follow the rules as set out for study in the application form.

Application Form for Study