work experience

In Transition Year, work experience is a very important aspect as we really learn from it. Work experience helps us to choose what career path we would like to go down in the future as we perform certain tasks involved in the work and we get to see what the workplace is like. Sometimes you might think you would like a certain job, but go on work experience and discover that it is not for you.

In the Mercy, Transition Year’s get three weeks out of the school year to go on work experience, not including if you choose not to go on the school tour, which adds another week of work experience. Work experience varies in the class, from working in a vet’s office, to working with a solicitor, in a pharmacy, in a NUIG science lab, in a Garda Station, in a primary school and in a restaurant! We gain a lot from work experience, such as communication and social skills. It helps us build our confidence from working with the public, gains knowledge of different jobs, gives us an insight into the working environment, and of course we get to see if we would like to do the job or not. It is also very important for future job applications to be able to say we have many different work experiences. Work experience is a very enjoyable time and we are very lucky to be able to get at least three full weeks of work experience throughout the school year.