Disability workshop

The disability workshop took place in November.  A lovely woman and her friend came into our school to tell us all about disabilities and how she copes with her disability.    She discovered she had this rare disease at the age of 18.  She told us about her everyday life and how she manages with everday tasks such as minding her 2 year old baby. We found it very interesting and we experienced the life of a disabled person by trying to use wheelchairs.

            Personal development workshop

The personal development workshop took place during the month of October.  A woman came in to us for the day to teach us about beauty and skin care. She also taught us how to present ourselves well in the workplace.  She thought us simple beauty tricks like how to apply makeup and how to properly cleanse the skin. She also taught us how to make our own face masks and face scrubs. We found it very useful and interesting and it really helped us during work experience.

                    Simon community

A man that’s a member of the Simon community in Galway came into us to give us a talk about the problems with homelessness in past years and in present times. He informed us about how easy it is to become homeless and the problems homeless people face everyday. He also told us how people with jobs can easily become homeless because of the price of accommodation. He gave out some statistics and these truly were eye openers.  He asked us to raise awareness and fundraise for the Simon community throughout our school and we followed through happily and did so. We raised over €300 for the Simon community and they were so grateful for our donations.   We can be sure our money was put to good use in trying to make a difference around Galway.